Omfg. Her face when she decides to pick Reba.

Why do I always feel selfish when i’m sad?




everyone needs a waving snail on their blog

i feel that if I scroll past this and don’t reblog it the snail is going to look to the ground and cry

that comment

im sold

gotta do it now

I’ve just been emotionally blackmailed by a cartoon snail.


It’s okay to be sad that you haven’t met Taylor yet. It’s not okay to be mad at the people who have.



"nobody fucking helps me in this house"

I’m laughing so hard at this

In fact, Swift not only writes and produces the majority of her own songs, she also decides each career step, from the music video directors to PR events, and acts as a CEO leading her brand. “If I am involved in all the steps I don’t have to deal with surprises. For me, creative work is a very structured process. I always have to be well prepared, otherwise is doesn’t work. We are currently planning the tour, the press days, the total concept with which I want to live the next two years. I’m damn proud of my work. That’s why I don’t care to know who calls me a remote-controlled pop starlet.”
-  Taylor Swift in Harper’s Bazaar Germany (a translation)
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I just don’t understand what people want Taylor Swift to write songs about? Cats? Ikea? Biochemistry?

Rule 1: Don’t let someone be too important in your life.
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Due to the extreme amount of students discussing the PSAT this year, the College Board has decided that instead of tracking down everyone and invalidating their tests they will now be drafting everyone who took the 2014 test into the skeleton war. Good luck, young dolphins.